CoViD 19: The Basics

So, all this year, we all have been drastically affected by a serious virus that has been sweeping across the world like a wildfire. The name of the virus is “CoronaVirus Disease, or CoViD 19”. To date, billions of people have been tested positive. Many have lost their lives without ever showing any type of symptoms, which are much like those of influenza (the flu). Now, more than ever, it is extremely important that we sanitize everything, wear facial masks that cover the nose and mouth, and social distance yourself from others (at least 6 feet). Personally, I recommend that you shop Amazon for all your CoViD 19 essentials.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to check the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) website for things we all can do to find out what you need to know about CoViD 19.

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